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The Wilde Hunt is an underground events network which hosts scavenger hunt bar crawls, themed parties, and secret art festivals. Our events connect people to local businesses, artists, and secret spaces in order to awaken the hidden joy in each of our souls.

Our Story

The Wilde Hunt was founded by New Paltz natives, Miranda Wilde Way and Noelle Kimble McEntee, from a deep desire to connect with people. The two co-conspirators had been living in Brooklyn for a time and found themselves in a rut: many nights we spent moping into pint glasses, complaining about the daily drudgery of New York life. They had moved to that city to live, to find belonging, and to play. 

And so, they re-discovered the scavenger hunt: a thing from their childhoods, designed by brilliant mothers to encourage exploration and curiosity. In the distant recesses of their memories, they recalled the sweet, childlike wonder that only silliness and puzzling can evoke. This was the missing piece.


The Wilde Hunt's events are designed with the sole purpose to light people up and connect us to the world. Each event, we partner with local artists, venues, and event producers to create unique experiences for our network of scavengers. Those who join the hunt gain access to a world that truly strives for meaningful, magical, and damn fun life experiences.     

A Family Secret

The subtle art of designing scavenger hunts has been passed down from generation to generation. The Wildes have long held secrets of the trade--crafting riddles, exploring hidden nooks, and rousing rabble in adventurous souls. We are a family of logicians, whittlers, and puzzle-makers, dreamers, fools, poets and world travelers.


Legend tells of Great Grandfather Jackson Wilde, who hid the family fortune and ran from California to the New York Island. On his way, he hid clues for his family. We have searched long and hard for the Wilde Treasure, only to find that, yes, it exists within us. In our innate ability to create the most elaborate adventures of all time.    


The first official Wilde Hunt was held by Grandfather C. Wilde in 1971. He passed the art to his daughter, A. Wilde, who, in turn, taught her children the ways. Today, it is M. Wilde who carries the pride of her family on to greater depths. Under her careful watch, the Wilde Family is (for the first time in history) extending an open invitation to the public. Anyone with a whim and an agile mind can join our hairbrained adventures.

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