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30 Clues, 6 bars, one boombox, one 90s NOW Dance Party on the G Train, Sunny D-Lite drink specials, and a lot of Your Mom jokes. In celebration of a 30th Birthday, party-goers jumped back three decades to a time when our moms listened to the Cranberries, Buffy was just starting to SLAY, Julia Styles was in style (we love you, Julia), SNICK... was a thing, epic side-burns were the go-to facial hair choice, and Saturday Morning Cartoons were what we looked forward to come Friday evening.

20 clues, 6 bars, His Team, Her Team, one sexy shop. Two betrotheds battled for love this fine evening. Writing poetry and singing love songs, raiding boutique sex shoppes, and playing trivia and competitive games until, at last, the bride and groom-to-be and their closest besties came together in celebration of life-long love.

February 2015

Two birthday buddies, One Clue, One Ticket, One Yellow School Bus, One Retreat Center, One band, One Snow Storm, One Hundred Friends.

A REVERSE Surprise Birthday Party, in which the guests were told to pack their PJs, a set of fancy clothes, and a toothbrush. They were handed a golden ticket and driven from Queens to a Private Retreat in upstate NY, where a band, a feast, and a dance party awaited.

Our Past Hunts

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