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August 2016

100 clues, 100+ Scavengers, 10 teams, 3 water balloon battles, one huge shipwrecked dance party.

The Wilde Hunt collaborated with Raised X Wolves to host this nautical seastorm! The legend goes that a group of ocean adventurers assembled to hunt down a monstrous fish which rose from the depths of the ocean to swallow up all manner of things lost at sea. In the end, the Leviathan won, sucking all the scavengers into a party so huge and unwieldy, sea-folk who made it out were never quite the same.

June 2015

90 handcrafted clues. 10 teams. 6 Bars. 5 local businesses. 5 Actors planted. Medieval Feast After Party. Whimsical music and entertainment by Bandits on the Run.

Sponsored by The New York Restoration Project (NYRP), Mid-Summer Revelry was a fairy-filled tribute to community gardens, Shakespeare, and magic all over McCarren Park. Fairies, satyrs, greek gods, and pixies ran amok. Prizes included: A free hunt ticket. A bushel of organic greens from Toad Farm Bounty. A fairy doll by artist, Alexandra Langley. And a Tree Planted by NYRP.

November 2014

52 clues, 4 teams of superhero clad hooligans, 2 pickle-back filled pinatas, one epic dance party.

The first official Wilde hunt was created by childhood friends, Miranda Wilde and Noelle McEntee, because they wanted to do something special for their friends. It just so happened that two more dear childhood friends, Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag, were running a kickstarter for their super hero webcomic, Strong Female Protagonist. The four chums joined super hero forces and created a FUNdraising scavenger hunt extravaganza the likes of which has never been seen since.

Our Past Hunts

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