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When is the Next Hunt?

Psst!⬆️ This page only updates when the next Hunt is announced.

What Do We Do?

The Wilde Hunt, creates elaborate scavenger hunt events. We are built around the belief that grown-ups deserve to play. Our events are exclusive and mysterious - created for people who enjoy living life to fullest and yearn for adventure.


We collaborate with small businesses who are equally enthusiastic about creating hilarious, meaningful, delicious experiences for their patrons.

Clues vary from rhyme-schemes, logic puzzles, games, contests, and silly directions, to secrets hidden in plain sight,​ and lovely performance art​. No one quite knows what to expect until each hunt begins, but everyone can expect to have a real'​ good time.

What Is A Scavenger Event?

(Noun, Plural) Scav-en-gers: 

People who search for and collect

forgotten, hidden, and secret items

Our Scavenger Events take the traditional linear sleuthing of a Classic Treasure Hunt (example: Clue A leads to Clue B ...leads to a pinata in your bestie's backyard)  

and we scatter and expand them to every hidden nook and cranny of the neighborhood.

 Participants will never quite know what they're getting themselves into until they have arrived.  We also don't just accept anyone into the club: You have to want to be part of the adventure. Play it too cool and the game loses all the fun. 

 Each hunt has its own theme and set of blueprints and clues (...#clueprints ...?). The band busking on the corner is more than they seem, the record shop owner might hand you a mix tape with a special message on it ...  From pinatas filled with pickle-backs to surprise sailing adventures, clues slipped into your own back pocket, or silent disco on the subway, our Scavenger hunts do not disappoint.

What's in a Wilde Hunt?


Scavenger hunts are a great way to promote, support, and celebrate things. Whether we’re raising awareness about a business start-up, artistic endeavor, celebrating someone's life, or even just trying to get a feeling out on the streets, we always find something worthy for which to scavenge.


Wilde events always include at least one clue. A map. A secret code. A song sung by a busker.  A note hidden in your best friend's pocket, or inside a cake, etched under your glass, on a ship, in a newspaper, or in a tree ... Our clues will always surprise you.

Our events are about people coming together to share extraordinary experiences. We started this for our friends, who brought their friends, who made more friends, and so it goes.  We make friends everywhere. That's really the whole point. Let's be friends! 
How much do tickets cost?

Depending on the scope of the event, tickets range from $20-$85. Most hunts include food, drinks, the HUNT, prizes, live performance, and the after party.

How do teams work? 

There are up to 15 teams of 10 on each hunt. Each team has their own set of clues to follow, and teams meet up with other teams to complete challenges and solve riddles. Get a group of ten together. Choose a team leader among yourselves. If you don't get ten pals to sign up, that's okay! Either you'll have a smaller team or, we'll have you join forces with another team. Don't worry about the logistics, just bring your people.   

Can I sign up without a team?

Of course! We'll just put you on a team and you can make new friends.

Can I change my ticket if I already bought a ticket?

Sure thing! Just CONTACT us with the subject "Ticket Change" and let us know which ticket you'd like to upgrade/downgrade to.  But we can roll your ticket over to the next Wilde Hunt event. 

Do I get to wear a costume to these event?

Yes. Absolutely. Each event  has a theme and prizes for best team costume and best individual costumes. 

Where do Hunts start?

We'll send you a clue the night before. 

How long is a Hunt?

Hunts generally take place for 2-4 hours, often followed by an after party at a secret location.

How much walking must I do?

You can expect to get between 3000-5000 steps in on these doozies. Note: The footprint of your hunt depends on the length of your team's clue track, which is designed around the needs and abilities of you and your teammates. We try our best to factor in disabilities and special requirements of our scavengers. 

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