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Welcome Scavenger

This Member's page will always hold: Clues & Details as they unfold, 

Questions answered and Scavengers' Code, Hints and facts to sometimes download,

Forms to fill and tickets to buy, News & deals just on the fly! 

So check in often and have a snoop, We'll makes sure you've all got the scoop!   



5-6pm - Optional mixed level 1920s era charleston lesson w/ Samantha & Brian


10pm-2am - Top Secret After Party

    +Optional Dinner served by the Beehive Oven

Live Music Featuring Members of...

Trot Fox * The Rooks * Bandits on the Run

The Starting Location clue will be sent

to all registered participants . . . 

Assemble your gang.

Dust off your zuit suit. 

Shine your dancin' shoes. 

This one would make even Jay Gatsby jealous. 


Snoop around and keep yourself updated about our secret events. Also see what workshops and events our collaborators are up to . . . 



Keep your ears perked for the new date announcement.

Common Questions


What is this, exactly? 

As with all Wilde Hunt events, it is an elaborate themed extravaganza, shrouded in mystery. Part elaborate scavenger hunt, part dance lesson, part mystery theater dinner, part dance party. Entirely enjoyable. 

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets for Speakeasy range from $35-$85. Top tier tickets include dinner, drinks, the HUNT, the after party, and a Swing Dance Lesson. 

What is Brooklyn Swings?

Brooklyn swings is a badass swing collective located in... Brooklyn. They teach swing workshops and host all kinds of fun swing events. We're psyched to work with them. Check them out!

Who are Sam & Brian? 

Samantha and Brian Lawton are swing dance partners and life partners based in NYC. They are also some of the coolest, most talented cats we know. Check them out! 

How do teams work? 

There are up to 15 teams of 10 on this hunt. Each team has their own set of clues to follow, and teams meet up with other teams to complete challenges and solves riddles. Get a group of ten together. Choose a team leader amongst yourselves. If you don't get ten pals to sign up, that's ok! Either you'll have a smaller team or, we'll have you join forces with another team. Don't worry about the logistics, just bring your people.   

Can I sign up without a team?

Of course! We'll just put you on a team and you can make new friends!

Can I change my ticket if I already bought a ticket?

Sure thing! Just CONTACT us with the subject "Ticket Change" and let us know which ticket you'd like to upgrade/downgrade to. Note, cancellations can't be refunded after July 1st.  But we can roll your ticket over to the next Wilde Hunt event. 

Do I have to wear a costume to this event?

Yes. Absolutely. Need Help Finding a Costume? Go to Olly Oxen Free Vintage at 137 Montrose Ave, BK, NY. Psst! Mention you're a part of the hunt and see what happens!  

Where does it start?

We'll send you a clue the night before. Don't worry. 

When are the next Hunts?

We'll ​announce the public next hunt the day after Speakeasy Hunt. 

Wait. I have more questions! 

We'll be sending out our Helpful Hints newsletters with secret info about Speakeasy Hunt. So, keep your eyes on your updates/promotions inbox for more details about this event as it unfolds. You can always contact us with your questions.

Photo of Swing Dance sensations, Sam & Brian taken by Vlad Krfg

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